636bhp Power Upgrade Package  [F1-599-05]

Includes modified ECU with adjusted curves and increased rev limit and a stainless steel exhaust system with centre pipe replacement.

Max Power: 636bhp/644ps/474kW at 7750rpm
Max Torque: 473lbft/642Nm at 5400rpm
Top Speed: 340kmh/210mph

Power-Optimized ECU  [F1-599-07]

Includes a new ECU (modifies the output curves and increases the rev limit to 8550rpm).

Max Power: 628bhp/636ps/468kW at 7700rpm
Max Torque: 463lbft/628Nm at 5450rpm
Top Speed: 340kmh/210mph

Exhaust Systems  [Product Codes]

Stainless steel exhaust system. Available with valves or without valves. All systems exit in twin 2x90mm outlets.

Centre Exhaust Pipe  [F1-599-25]

Stainless steel exhaust central silencer. Starts from the manifolds.