Suspension System  [Product Codes]

Hydraulically height-adjustable suspension with sport springs for lowering. Front axle hydraulic adjustment of 40mm at a push of a button.

Sports Spring Set  [F5-888-05]

To lower the car. Used in combination with standard dampers.

Aluminium Spacers  [Product Codes]

Made with high-strength corrosion-resistant anodized aluminium. Set of two pieces (including mounting parts). Available in 10mm (for an enlarged track of 20mm per axle), 15mm (30mm) and 20mm (40mm).

Wheel Bolt Set  [Product Codes]

Wheel bolts from Titan with inner octagonal head.

NF3 Aluminium Wheels  [Product Codes]

Uses central-mount. Available in pairs without tyres, or in a set of four with tyres (Pirelli 255/30R21 front and 315/25R22 rear).